Chefs Suggestions

Ming Court Special 30.00
Combination of tender meat, prawns and scallops, then stir-fried with seasonal vegetables. Served with a small portion of fried rice.
Mongolian Beef or Chicken 25.00
Marinated slices of beef or chicken  with  onions  and capsicums cooked  in special chilli bean sauce. Served with beansprout on a sizzling hot plate.
Tofu with Chinese Mushroom 24.00
A popular vegetarian dish for the Chinese. A combination of fresh diced bean curd, Chinese mushrooms and seasonal green vegetables lightly stir-fried.
Prawns with Sweet Chilli & Garlic Sauce 29.00
King prawns stir-fried with sweet chilli and garlic, served with snow peas and young baby corn.
Buck Bow Farn 29.00
Delicate balance of marinated meat and prawns, stir-fried with seasonal vegetables. Served with a thin layer of steamed rice (or fried rice) and topped by our "special sauce".
Spicy Satay Combination 27.00
A combination of prawns, chicken, beef and barbecued pork tossed with satay sauce, served with vegetables.
Singapore Noodles 24.00
Our famous rice vermicelli with barbecued pork, egg, shrimps, onions and bean shoots, stir-fried together in a delicate curry blend.
Seafood Hot Pot 33.00
The freshest seafood combination of the day, cooked with seasonal vegetables and served in its own pot retaining all its special flavours.

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